Video surveillance: updates by the national labour inspectorate

The national labour inspectorate issued circular letter n° 5/2018 containing operating instructions on the installation and use of audiovisual systems and other surveillance tools in compliance with art. 4 of Law n° 300/1970.

This letter offers important suggestions to all enterprises that might be involved in an authorisation procedure for the installation of surveillance systems implying  potential checks on work activities and on the subsequent inspection activities.

In particular:

  • possibility of focusing the camera directly on the operator in the presence of justified reasons connected to “workplace safety” or “corporate assets”.
  • absence of any requirement to specify the exact number of video cameras to be installed or their preset positioning.
  • the environment thus monitored is often the object of changes in the course of time, and this makes an investigation based on drawings of dubious use, as such drawings, in time, no longer represent the actual working environment and require regular updates of the specific authorisation, even though the same reasons that legitimated the installation of the control tools still remain in full force and effect.
  • The inspectorate expressly clarifies that are the object of the required investigation for the purpose of obtaining the authorisation shall focus, therefore, on the actual validity and currency of the reasons that legitimated the adoption of the provision.

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