GDPR: Data Protection Officers urgently required in Italy

DPOs urgently required. Career opportunities, training and vocational programs, certifications: the demand (including at an international level) for professionals that shall become increasingly multidisciplinary and strategic in a data-governed economy is increasing.  The position of corporate Data Protection Officer, made mandatory by the coming into force of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, to be implemented on 25th May 2018 next) is going to be much more than simply that of a compliance supervisor.

This is explained by Matteo Colombo, CEO of Labor Project and Chairman of Asso DPO.

Speaking of data protection, there are four important roles” explains Matteo Colombo. “Starting form the top, there is the DPO proper, who supports the company owner and is responsible for the correct implementation of the provisions of the GDPR. Then there is the Privacy Manager, that is to say, someone who supports the owner in the internal co-ordination of the data protection tools and practices. The third figure is that of the Privacy Specialist, who works with the Privacy Manager on the implementation of the plan and in the operational phases. Finally, there is the Privacy Evaluator, who is someone outside the company who audits compliance.”

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