With Notice 2/2018, Fondimpresa grants an ADDITIONAL FREE GRANT of up to € 10,000 in addition to the availability of one’s company account, according to the size of the company, for the development of learning Plans for the training of company employees.

The free grant is assigned to plans presented within the context of the Learning Account from 19th October 2018 to 19th November 2018, within the limits of the available resources.


Employees of SME (EU definition) who participate in the fund and have an active balance as at the date of presentation of their project.


  • training may cover all training methods and subjects, with the exception of training activities organised to bring companies into line with mandatory national legislation on training (e.g. safety at work) and training hours involving production activities.
  • in any case, the use of the training voucher is excluded (participation of the worker(s) in courses in the catalogue, even if carried out at the company that drafted the plan).
  • involve at least 5 workers for a minimum of 12 hours of training per person;
  • not having applied for any plan after 31/12/2016 following notices sent by Fondimpresa that require the granting of an additional contribution.
  • the beneficiary company shall have a digital signature for the presentation of the project.

We are available to check the feasibility of the project and for in-depth analyses. For additional information, please contact:  Lorenzo Guarisco | | +39 031 704381

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