BCM Project: the Labor Project partner for the Industry 4.0 national plan.

As a Labor Project professional partner, BCM Project presents its support service for Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is the national plan started in 2017 that constitutes the ideal meeting ground between short-term measures, such as tax incentives, and middle-to-long-term ones, such as the improvement and update of skills and infrastructures.

Companies who wish to take advantage of this wave of tax incentives still have the entire year 2019 to make investments. The law published in the Official Gazette of 27th December 2017 (N° 205 Art. 1 par. 29-36) it is clearly stated that it is possible “to invest in new tangible capital goods [or] in intangible capital goods by 31st December 2018 or 31st December 2019, provided that the order is accepted by the seller not later than on 31st December 2018 and advances on the final price thereof are paid for a minimum amount of 20% of the total purchase price.

It is fundamental for an enterprise to have competent and professional partners to help it beyond the simple drafting of the Technical Report (Appraisal) required by the Inland Revenue Service for assets whose value exceeds € 500,000, and sometimes requested for assets of lower value. Thanks to its comprehensive experience, BCM Project is the ideal partner for enterprises, guiding them through the initial phase of clarification and technical assessment of assets and until the drafting of the documents required by law (technical analysis and appraisal), in order to invest more sensibly.

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